Wednesday, July 28, 2010
So Far In MA...
We're just ending the first portion of our MA trip this summer. It has been busy! Fun, but busy! Per usual, we've played with cousins and friends. The warm weather had lead to most play dates at someone's swimming pools, which the kids LOVE! I've even walked outside to see Nana and/or Papa having grandparent time with the kids in their pool. We had signed the kids up for swimming lessons since we spend so much time in the water. They started this week. Progress reports and pictures to follow!

What else has been happening? We celebrated Papa's 60th birthday with a surprise party. Connor & I attended a fire safety demonstration for the kids. Our friends Grady & Emily (and mom Beth) met us there. Connor was so excited!!! Of course I forgot the camera. Darn it! We went our own ways only to meet back up at Friendly's for ice cream and then off to Target. I love that about being home, just being able to "bump" into friends out and about...

This past weekend we were invited to NH by another good friend. We swam, ate smores, played with the Correia girls, had yummy food and good company!

We're now getting ready for another weekend trip. Well sort of trip. JR is back on dry land for the next 2 weeks. So we're heading home for 4 days for some family time! He'll make the reverse trip the following weekend, but this time it is me flying solo with the kids. Eeek, wish me luck!


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