Wednesday, November 24, 2010
Here We Are Again
Behind. Way behind. I blame Facebook. I post pictures there and forget all about my poor little blog. For the most part the family is on FB and can see pictures there. So on the last episode we were still enjoying our summer in MA while MrE was away preparing for his fall deployment. Things continued as planned with a trip home to VA while MrE was in port between workups. He even came up for the weekend, and then it was back out. Then a phone call came and all plans changed. Welcome to the Navy! So let us recap.
- MrE deployed 1 month early with two weeks notice. He has also been extended twice. Like I said, welcome to the Navy.
- We're in VA still waiting for orders. This will allow us to pack up the house on the Navy's dime.
- Some crazy things have happened since MrE deployed including Little Miss insisting on a vacation at our local children's hospital (all is okay), but we have some great friends that were there without me even having to ask. They took Bean. Kept him busy. Visited with me at the hospital. Brought real food. Provided mental support. These amazing women kept me sane and going through the very 4 days and once we got home.
- Our orders are on track for Portsmouth, UK. WOOHOO!!! Spring 2011 the E!Family is going international.
- MrE was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, another WOOHOO!
- Bean is getting smarter every day. He know tries to reason with me at bed time among other things. He started preschool when MrE left, which is also help him learn so much more than what I teach him. He loves playing with his friends, but loves his teacher even more. He asks for daddy a little less every day, which helps. He usually follows up his requests for daddy by telling my his daddy is on a big boat! Maybe baby is disappearing into a big boy!
- Little Miss is walking and climbing, thank you Connor. She was the easy one but idolizes her big brother and tries to do what he does. Although, if he gets mommy's attention when she wants it or has a toy she wants, she will push him out of the way. She is going to be my angelic little bruiser. She is still one happy little girl though. Little Miss turned 1 in Nov, one year already. Eek... And in keeping with big brother's first birthday run, she has already had 3 parties.
- Bean dressed up as daddy for halloween & Little Miss was Snow White, but with a tutu!!! I have a tutu addiction and may need an intervention or she may have issues one day.
- Aunty V & Uncle P made a side trip here while visiting Uncle's family in WV. The kids could not have been any happier. Bean was Uncle P's shadow. He kept Aunty busy running around. Little Miss cuddled with him & Aunt V.
- Me, well I've adjusted to a good routine helping us get through the countdown here. I've been able to off load much of the things not needed anymore like baby items, pieces of furniture, etc... Already preparing for smaller spacing in the UK!
- MrE is getting through his time out there. It is like ground hog's day though. No port visits have made the time longer, but he is getting through. He loves hearing from the outside. If you'd like his email or mailing address just let me know via comment and I'll get it to you. We are looking forward to April time frame when we can pick him up from the airport!

Well that is the last 3 months in a nutshell. Mostly. We're getting ready for Thanksgiving with good family friends. We'll be spending the night as I have been convinced to take part in the madness which is Black Friday. This is my first time ever. I am a BF virgin if you will... In years past I have always looked at friends that took part in this as lunatics, but I am looking forward to the outing. Of course the company makes it worth it! Our friend's husband volunteered to watch the kids while we are gone. Hopefully I'll make it home as sane as I was when I left.

I will try to get some pictures of the kids up over the next few days. In the mean time, I hope this find you *all* well and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Hugs, A & the munchkins.


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