Sunday, February 20, 2011
Christmas Show

MrE's deployment brought lots of things, good & bad... Among the good was putting the kids in daycare for the duration of the deployment. The women that teach my children are wonderful! They have learned so much. The time away fosters independence and allows this mum to clean, go grocery shopping and catch my breath where there is no other break. As Christmas approached I saw a notice on the door for the holiday show, which Bean was performing in!!! To say I was beyond excited doesn't accurately portray how excited I was. Okay so the 2-3yo class wasn't singing Jingle Bells as much as they were shaking the bells while dancing on stage. It was so cute though. And our wonderful friends joined us for the concert!!!

The support and love we have from friends is amazing & has made this deployment easy, all things considered.

-Azzy & munchkins, xoxo


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