Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Christmas In MA

So Christmas Eve and Day in Massachusetts with the C & J families, respectively, was wonderful. It was the first time in a few years that most everyone was together from my mom's family. Up until Christmas I had been handling MrE's deployment well, if I do say so myself. But hearing his voice on the phone Christmas Eve as family was arriving just set me off. I hid in the bedroom while on the phone, at least until the tears stopped. However, when I put the call on speaker phone for him to say hello to all more tears followed. Just not from me. Mom, Aunty V, & my brother's wife were all teary as well. That darn C gene!!! He was able to talk with everyone in the family, which was a special treat for all. I know it helped bring a smile to MrE's face. There were lots of laughs and just as many little kids running around my parents house. It was another good holiday gathering.

The next day we were off to the Cape to see my dad's family. More fun was had visiting with cousins we don't see often enough. My children were infatuated with the spiral staircase in the great room which led to the game room/loft. Oh the little things...

Since then we've had fun visiting with family & friends, celebrating another 1st birthday for LittleMiss, a 3rd birthday for Zilla as well as other birthdays for other cousins. We've seen more snow than we could care for. No honestly, it has snowed once a week since we've been here... We've also had a couple of illnesses that have postponed our return to VA. LittleMiss has had pneumonia, croup & a cold. I think she is looking for germs since she seems to be getting sick every time we are to travel. Very peculiar if you ask me.

We'll be heading back Norfolk on March 2nd, which is a firm departure... Anything after that and MrE will have to come get us. That is right folks, he should be home in March. Well, that is as long as the Navy says, "Yes MrE, you may go to your 3rd department head sea duty job..." Until then, we'll be recovering and visiting with family for the remainder of our trip.

Azzy & munchkins, xoxo


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