Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Gone Again
As I stopped by our little blog I was hit with the realization of just how neglected it was. After all, my last post was in March when MrE had returned from a 7mo deployment floating around the Gulf of Aden. Here we are again, 2 months into a 12mo IA. Individual Assignment in Navy Speak. Your family can't come with you is the civilian translation.

So let us rewind. MrE comes home. Yey. We spent lots of good family time together. MrE reported to his new command, a shore duty assignment, at Little Creek Amphibious Base, which luckily was 2 miles from our door. There was much rejoicing. He could drive that in 5 minutes. There are stop lights and a gate to go through. Or he could ride his bike. Also in 5 minutes. We were able to stay in our same home despite our landlords losing the house to Fannie Mae. Things were looking good. In April he went to Germany for a short work trip when the word came down, he was a good fit for an upcoming IA. Despite being told volunteering for it would be good for his career, we also realized he was being voluntold. No worries, figured this was coming.

We made some decisions. Found a great furnished rental in MA around the corner from my parents. Formulated a plan and started the good bye process. Again. Had a few get aways, Great Wolf Lodge two times and Dominican Republic. Lots of great family time. Visited with his parents. Said 'see you later' to great friends in VA. Moved into our MA house. Spent time with my family. Moved out of the VA house. Dropped him off at the airport. Roughly in that order.

Again no worries, we knew an IA would come at some point. Of course we miss each other, but other than the separation it isn't that bad. Even MrE is having a good time, again this is aside from the fact that we aren't together. Bahrain is better than Afghanistan, Iraq or even 7 mos on a steel ship with the same crew with minimal port visits.

While there may be an occasional sigh or scream heard from our house, we do love this crazy Navy life. Hopefully the next post won't be his return. My poor neglected blog.


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