Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Almost home
Gosh, most of my posts start with "Eeek... I've been neglecting this..." It's been 10 months since my last post. I'm blaming it on FaceBook. GPa swears FB is the root of all evil. I'm quite convinced he may even blame FB for problems in the mideast. "That damn Facebook" is usually his first response when any issues arise. Moving on... So where 41 days from being reunited with MrE, as he told us me today on the phone. My response, "Oh, really?" Than I made a *hmphh* sound. Let me explain before I come off as a cold beyatch... I have rules to make deployments easier. Some of these include: 1. Once he is gone, don't count the days. Just get into a routine. Time goes by quicker this way and I'm not counting every day, sadly... 2. We don't think about him gone, he just is. If we dwell on it the deployment would drag and we'd go crazy. Don't get me wrong. We have our 'miss daddy' moments. We just don't let them rule us. 3. I never get excited for his return until the ticket has been purchased. Actually I only get a little excited for that because that can change. I get super excited when he is on his way! Case in point, last deployment they left the ship via helicopter only to get to the air field and miss the connecting plane. Back to the ship they went. For another week. Nothing is every guaranteed but change... So potentially close to being a whole family again. For that I can cheer because we are certainly close, just not sure if it is 41 days close.


Blogger Janet said...

You just tell GPa that FB is how Dave and I reconnected after 35 years or so :-)

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